Purchase a radio tracking collar for a Numbat


Purchase a radio tracking collar for a Numbat


Wild and captive born Numbats are fitted with radio collars each year by the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) to track their movements and gain important information on their dispersal in their habitat,  survival and breeding. In November - December 2019, DBCA will be fitting wild and captive breed Numbats with radio-collars. 

Do you want to contribute specifically to the research on numbats in the Upper Warren region (Manjimup)?  PHD student Sian Thorn will be collaring numbats to learn about their home range, habitat preference and much more. Make sure you select ‘Upper Warren Project’ below.  SOLD OUT

Each collar is $280 and for your contribution you will receive a certificate before the end of the year, with:
• a photo of the collared Numbat
• its name
• date of birth (if known)
• sex
• weight
• location

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