Meet us at EnviroFEST!

Project Numbat will be part of EnviroFEST in Whiteman Park on Sunday 29 March 2015! EnviroFEST is an environmental event that aims to showcase a range of environmental concepts, issues and products for everyone. Project Numbat will be at Village West in Whiteman Park from 10 am to 3 pm. Please come and have a look at our display and our merchandise! 

We hope to see you there on Sunday!

Click here for more information on EnviroFEST!

Numbat Art in Pemberton!

Two pieces from our collection of Numbat Art are currently on display in Pemberton. If you are heading to the Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery, you can have a look at ‘Shouldn’t you be in bed?’ by Hazel Howie and ‘Numbat’ by Sharon Wormleaton. Both pieces are for sale. These two fine examples of Numbat Art will stay in Pemberton until June 1st.

Click here for more information on the Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery.

'Numbat' by Sharon Wormleaton.

Design An Ad for Project Numbat!

Project Numbat has joined the Design An Ad Competition 2015 of The West Australian. This means that participating students from Primary and Secondary schools can now choose Project Numbat and create an advertisement based on our brief to draw attention to our organisation.

Four winners will be chosen (2 Primary School students and 2 Secondary School students) and they will each receive a $100 cash prize.

Students wishing to create an ad for Project Numbat can click here to visit a page where they can download the logo of Project Numbat and some beautiful pictures of Numbats for their ad.

We look forward to seeing all the ads and we wish everybody good luck!

Project Numbat's First Art Exhibition is Finished!


Well that was a whirlwind of a month! The artworks have been taken off the wall and packaged up to be sent to their new homes. 

Thank you so much to everyone who helped out, all of the amazing artists, everyone who came to check out the exhibition and Little Creatures for a brilliant space. I think the whole event really amazed us with how well received it was and the huge turn out on the opening night. Most of the art works have been sold, there are a few that are still available, so if you feel you missed out on a piece you had your eye on, please contact us. 

Once again, thank you to everyone, hopefully now everyone can tell their Numbats from their Wombats!

Art Exhibition - We are open for business

Project Numbat's first ever art exhibition "A Numbat is not a wombat" officially opened last night, and wow! what a turn out. Thank You to everyone who came down to say hello to us and buy some art. The artworks are on display for a month in the gallery space upstairs at Little Creatures Fremantle, so if you didn't get a chance to stop by last night then make sure to check it out.

All of the artworks are for sale and can be purchase through the "art exhibition" tab of this website. 

Project Numbat's first Art Exhibition

Project Numbat is pleased to announce our first ever art exhibition! Opening night is January 8th and there are lots of fun things happening such as a raffle and appearances by Narla (our giant furry Numbat friend). If you can't make opening night, never fear; the exhibition runs for a month, All art works are for sale and proceeds go to helping Project Numbat continue their good work for the Numbats!

The coolest new accessory- Numbat radio collars

Wild or captive born Numbats are fitted with radio collars each year by the Department of Parks and Wildlife to track their movements, gain important information on their dispersal in their habitat and their survival.

In November and December 2014, DEC will be fitting a number of Numbats with radio-collars. The Numbats will either by wild caught or bred at Perth Zoo for release.

We are giving you the opportunity to be a part of this important work by contributing to the cost of the radio-collars. Each collar costs $250 and for your contribution you will receive a certificate with:

• a photo of the collared Numbat

• its name

• date of birth (if known)

• sex

• weight

• location


Welcome to the new Project Numbat website!

Its so exciting! We decided to start 2014 with a new look, welcome to the new home of Project Numbat. Although we look different we are still doing the same great things to help Numbats. Get involved and join us. Keep checking in, there are lots of new and exciting things coming up for Project Numbat, including new items in the shop, fun kids activities and events.

Please bare with us through any initial teething problems we may have with the site, and let us know if something isn't working for you