Make a Bequest and help secure the Numbat's future

Project Numbat is able to work towards achieving its mission of: ‘Community Awareness and involvement in the conservation of our unique mammal emblem’, and prevent the Numbat becoming extinct due to the generous donations we receive.

A bequest allows us the opportunity to tackle larger and more costly projects to monitor, protect and secure the Numbat.  

As a member of the Numbat Recovery Team we work collaboratively with the associated members to achieve the short and long term goals in the Numbat Recovery PlanThis means you can be assured your gift will go toward a well-managed cause that has the opportunity to influence the future of an endangered species.

Making a Will means you get to choose how your assets are managed and distributed. A percentage or sum of an estate or shares for instance, can be allocated to your choice of charity.  To ensure your future legacy or allocation is valid, make sure you seek legal advice when organising your Will.

If you are interested in donating a bequest, please contact Project Numbat on