Project Numbat works in collaboration with a number of conservation organisations and individuals interested in our natural environment.

Perth Zoo
Perth Zoo’s Native Species Breeding Program breeds Numbats for release into protected areas in Western Australia.

The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions - Parks and Wildlife; Western Shield program helps to reduce the number of introduced predators (foxes and feral cats) in Western Australia’s national parks, thus making a safe habitat for a number of threatened Western Australian mammals, including the Numbat.

Numbat Task Force

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

WWF Threatened Species Network

Wendy Binks of Stunned Emu Designs - Local artist and Numbat lover

Gavin Feilding from Mixing Cultures - For our wonderful logo

Luc Hoogenstein – amazing photos of Numbats in the wild at Dryandra and has kindly allowed us to use some of them for our promotions.