Williams Community Numbat

When Project Numbat heard of the Shire of Williams' plans to build a new playground at the Lions Park on the Albany Highway, we thought: what a perfect place for a Giant Numbat!

Project Numbat has for many years contributed funding and volunteers to Numbat conservation activities and research. Whilst most of our fundraising so far has been spent on conservation activities, we believe raising Numbat awareness is just as important. In order to ensure its survival, we need people to know what a Numbat is and help us to conserve them.

Project Numbat was delighted when the Shire of Williams accepted our proposal to create this large feature in the home of Numbat Country.

Funds raised as of: 14 May 2016

Project Numbat contribution:          $5,000

Williams Expo sales and donations: $165

Why is Williams the perfect place for a Giant Numbat?

Williams is a rural community located approximately 38 km south of Dryandra Woodland (and 160 km south of Perth), which is home to one of the last two remaining wild populations of Numbats in Australia. Numbats used to be found right across southern Australia but their numbers have dramatically declined due to predation by foxes and cats and loss of their habitat. 

Miraculously, two small populations have survived. One of these is Dryandra Woodland in Western Australia. Since the 1980’s agencies such as the Department of Parks of Wildlife and Perth Zoo have successfully worked on a breeding program, reintroductions, predator control and monitoring.

Where Numbats were once prevalent and thriving, now there are less than 1,000 left.  

Based on the Albany Highway, the town of Williams is the considered the ‘gateway’ to the Southwest for travelers and over 2,500 vehicles pass by each day.  This playground and Giant Numbat will encourage people to stop and take a look, be active, have a coffee perhaps, get to know the Williams township and visit nearby Dryandra Woodland.

You may have noticed too, the Shire of Williams, Williams Primary School and even the local cycle club called the Numbutts all have the Numbat as their logo!



Where will the Numbat feature and what will it look like?

The Shire of Williams‘ Lions park and main street connection project concept plan (February 2016) shows the Numbat positioned in the Lions park playground not far from the Williams River. For more information please view the plan here.

We want the Numbat to be lifelike and large! It will be:

·         made of durable fibreglass

·         of natural colouring and gel coated

·         3 metres long and 1 metre high

·         200 kg in weight

·         built and reinforced to Australian playground standards, so you can play on it!

The Numbat will be posed as in the picture below.


When will it be built and how much will it cost?

Project Numbat will need to fundraise for the large Numbat and our goal is to complete this by the end of December 2017. We anticipate that by this time, the Shire of Williams will have a clearer idea of the schedule for the Albany Highway bridge replacement over the Williams River and in turn when the Lions Park playground can be built.

This large fibreglass numbat will cost $46,000 and will take approximately 6 months to construct.


How can I help?

Project Numbat believes giving a Giant Numbat a home in Williams will raise much needed awareness and has committed $5,000 to get the fundraising started.

We would like your help to fundraise for the outstanding amount and we want to work in partnership with the Williams community and other interested parties to achieve this.

If you would like to help us give this Numbat a home, you can help by:

·         Telling your friends and family about the project and getting them involved.

·         Becoming a Community Fundraising Champion and share your fundraising ideas with us, so we can make it happen.

·         Consider donating, becoming a corporate sponsor or have a tin in your shop to collect donations.

·         Let our cuddly mascot Nurla attend your event while we fundraise by selling Numbat merchandise.

·         Host an event or celebration; birthday, anniversary, bingo, quiz, raffle, BBQ, dinner or cocktail party, theatre night and collect donations from your guests.

·         Create a challenge such as a hike or bike ride and seek sponsorship.

·         Consider becoming a member of Project Numbat and purchase some Numbat merchandise.

·         Subscribe to our Williams Community Numbat newsletter so we can you keep you updated.

For queries and to subscribe to our newsletter: williams@numbat.org.au  
Or contact Tamara, President of Project Numbat, on (08) 9293 2654.


Donations can be made be visiting our MyCause fundraising webpage or by direct transfer to Project Numbat Incorporated: BSB 036-065, Account 399942.
Please reference your name and if you want a receipt, send us an email with your details.

Project Numbat has set up this account specifically for the ‘Williams Community Numbat’ project.


Funds raised as of: 14 May 2016

Project Numbat contribution:          $5,000

Williams Expo sales and donations: $165