Nigel Numbat- a poem

Ian Stavely from Denmark contacted Project Numbat to share his clever poem with us. Have you got something you would like to share with us? Have a go at writing your own poem about your favorite animal. 

         Nigel Numbat

         Twenty thousand termites a day

         That's a lot of white ants

         That's what Nigel eats they say

         He must get ants in his pants.


         Of course you know he doesn't wear pants

         But has fur of reddish brown

         He has white stripes across his back

         A "Banded Anteater", he's renown.


         Nigel lives in Wandoo woodlands

         - they're eucalyptus trees,

         Found only in Western Australia

         Nigel's very rarely seen.


         His life cycle is amazing,

         Read more on this below

         Feral cats and dogs and logging

         Make it hard for him to grow.


         Narrow of head, sharp of snout

         Bottle brush for a tail

         Nigel's snout, snuffles ants out

         Long,sticky tongue will not fail.


         Marsupials without a pouch

         Numbats are very unusual,

         Ever so cute, a real Aussie beaut

         You've learnt through this perusal


Written by Ian & Moya Stavely  Denmark WA            April 2013