World Numbat Day a great success!

Wow! What an evening! We celebrated the inaugural World Numbat Day on Saturday 7 November at Perth Zoo, and what a celebration of all things numbat it was! We welcomed many Project Numbat members and numbat advocates, and we are grateful for everyone who joined us in an interesting evening of numbat knowledge and pleasant conversation over food and wine. 

Our speakers on the night were all experts in their field. Project Numbat President Tamara Wilkes-Jones opened the evening by giving an overview of the Committee's very successful year. This was followed by a very personal video message from Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews (follow this link for the video), who pledged his commitment to the numbat, followed by a talk from his Senior Advisor Sam Dutton. Mr Dutton acknowledged the importance of community groups such as Project Numbat in the success of conservation projects. Perth Zoo CEO Susan Hunt talked about the strong connection between the Zoo and Project Numbat. Over the past years many Zoo staff have been Committee Members of Project Numbat. Department of Parks and Wildlife Researcher Tony Friend demonstrated the importance of Project Numbat's fundraising for research projects. In the past decade, Project Numbat has contributed almost $60,000 to DPaW's research and surveys: a sum that deserved a spontaneous applause from the audience. Last but not least, Committee Member Renee Bauhofer took the stage, to present the very first 2016 Project Numbat wall calendar. All contributing artists received a copy to take home, and in the course of the evening many more calendars were sold along with other Project Numbat merchandise. As always, all proceeds will go towards numbat conservation projects. 

This successful first World Numbat Day already makes us excited for next year. From now on, we will celebrate World Numbat Day on the first Saturday of November. 

We thank all attendees and contributors who made this evening a success and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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