Numbats in Australian Geographic Magazine

Have you got a copy of the latest Australian Geographic Magazine? Our wonderful numbat features in this month edition! The article not only describes the fascinating habits of the numbat: eating 20,000 termites a day, their skittish behaviour, brush tail and thylacine like stripes. It also features the tales of the Numbat Task Force and their passion for spotting and photographing numbats at Dryandra. 

A numbat's stripes are unique to each individual and members of the Numbat Task Force use this to recognise certain individuals. They have even named some numbats such as Picasso for his paint brush like tail and Speedy Gonzales for his ability to run from the snapping cameras!

You can view the article on the Australian Geographic website, or pick up a copy at a newsagency.

Remember, Australian Geographic is kindly fundraising for Project Numbat in the months of January and February so please either donate through Australian Geographic or directly to Project Numbat so we can we can fund research, predator control programs and monitor the numbat's progress.!