Dig survey contributes 190 hours of volunteering

For the last four years Project Numbat has worked with the Department of Parks and Wildlife to survey Boyagin Nature Reserve for numbat digs.

Numbats cannot be trapped. Therefore the presence of their distinctive digs in search of termites is a great way of learning about their presence and distribution across a reserve.

This year Project Numbat and its team of trained volunteers was asked to assist with the surveying of an out block of Dryandra Woodland prior to a predator proof fence being installed around 1,000 hectares of Wandoo Woodland.

We did get some positive results, however many sites had no numbat digs at all. We anticipate that a survey at the same site next year will yield better results as the numbats in the enclosure will be not be predated by foxes and cats and should increase in population.

Thank you to all our volunteers who contributed in total over 190 hours and worked in some hot conditions over the weekends in November: Jimmy Lamb, Mark Dewson, Jared Leigh, Deb and Graeme Walker, Hannah Kilian, Yvette Adams, Tamara Wilkes-Jones, Amy Robey and Karen Cavanough.

We hope to see you next year!