Value of Volunteers

Project Numbat is a not profit group and its entire committee is run by volunteers. Each volunteer brings an expertise and has a passion to get things done and always follows through!

We are fortunate that over the years we have attracted like mind people to assist us out in the field as we understand for some, volunteering cannot always be on a regular basis.

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Here is a snap shot of Project Numbat’s achievements in 2018:

  • Over 18 volunteers assisted with numbat dig identification surveys across 4 reserves totaling 239 hours

  • Our camera monitoring project run every quarter attracted 21 volunteers contributing over 300 hours

  • Nine volunteers removed weeds from Dryandra Woodland contributing over 40 hours

    And a photographic celebration of our volunteers!

Boyagin Dig Survey Team.jpg
Controlling weeds in Numbat Habitat .jpg